Sunday, 20 October 2013


Opportunity Presents Itself

We have a couple of images to present to you this week. We are trying to make a serious effort to release a backlog of graffiti. 

While most images are created using the traditional pen/paint to wall/door combination, others are a simpler and more opportunistic combinations. Canvases that are only willing to be cocked for a short period of time.

The first of these comes courtesy of winter. While on a visit to Glenrothes ("Today, there are more roundabouts in Glenrothes than all other roundabouts in Fife when added together."), in Kingdom of Fife, our contributor came across a footpath Snowcock. Although not desperately rare, it could be considered under threat from climate change and therefore slightly threatened. 

Slight vein work and a very interesting cock to ball ratio.

Sadly we have far less information on this second contribution but we think it might be from Ireland. Thanks goes to Alan nonetheless. This is the sort of opportunity that I would love to be presented with; fresh concrete (follow the link to clear any confusion between concrete and cement) and judging by a complete lack of footprints, a very long stick was also involved. Should we read anything into the fact that the penis lies directly next to a litter bin? I guess we will never know. 
I love how the nut receptacle doubles up as our very own Sun with the pubes obviously representing beautiful little rays of sunshine. And again the ball to cock ratio should be noted. Graffiti cocks and balls come in all shapes and sizes.

Sunday, 13 October 2013




I have been promising a big cock cleanout of my hard drive for some time now. I have let the internet become penis barren for far too long. Apologies to all who have sent me their lucky little finds over the past wee while, I didn't mean to take this long. Anyway enough sorry's!

I can't be completely sure where this was taken but it was provided by Son of The CockandBall family. 

Unhappy with the fact that was "nothing to see here", this graffiti-izer took matters into their own hands and decided to make sure that there bloody well as something to see!

Saturday, 27 July 2013



Could that silly little man, David Cameron, spell the end of  "A Cock and Ball Story" with his new internet pornography curbs. Well, of course not, but it will mean that you are all going to have to contact your Internet Service Provider and ask them politely to reinstate your access to cocks and balls. Now if that ain't a legitimate excuse then what is?

We'll get to the penguin in just one second. First off though I need to make a penis and David Cameron link. Let me think........Yes I think I have it. 

"It's no real surprise to find David Cameron's name popping up on a blog dedicated to cocks is it?" hahahahahahahaha

Moving on.....I don't know why penguins and graffiti Cocks and Balls are so widely found to be hanging out together (check out this previous example from Chemnitz), all I know is that this is the second example to find it's way onto these pages.

 A big thank you to the contributor for this one. It would appear that he is becoming a permanent fixture.


Till next time COCK ON!


Sunday, 7 July 2013


No they really are! just look at these masterpieces.

As we age we have a natural tendency to see the world as a place that is getting worse; vocalised by the ever dull "it wasn't like that in my day". We have the tendency to despair for the kids and the way they behave and what they can achieve.

Well I am here to tell you that the kids are going to be just fine. But more importantly the future of our most sacred and probably the oldest artistic subject- the cock and ball - is in very safe hands.

The following images, all the way from the land of the Leprechaun (little Irish Fairies,) were found in the back of a students note book and was discovered by the teacher (wheelie Bin) while reviewing their progression. Well we think they probably deserve an A+ for dedication to the cause.

Big apologies for the delay in cocking you all.

 I like to think of myself as a pacifist, but my god if war looked anything like this I be starting revolutions all over the place. "Yes General, we will send in the tank penises first, then after that 'Super Hamburglar penis hero will clean things up"

Till next time COCK ON!


Friday, 24 May 2013



I need to clear this up a little bit as the title may be a slight bit misleading. Presumably you are all thinking that a graffiti cock just upped sticks, packed its sack and moved right across here to the UK. Well it didn't actually happen like that at all. It made its way to us via the magic of the world wide web, the Internet if you will. 

The Internet was invented in space by a guy from Brisbane. Commonly it is used to watch naked people cavorting with each other, using their very own (and sometimes other's) bits and pieces to titillate the likes of you all. It has also developed a very annoying habit of sharing images and movies of cats.

So intrepid cocker Andy managed to pick up this hooded monster somewhere in Texas. Texas is home to Big steaks, South by South West, Cowboys and a strong, yet misplaced, sense of entitlement towards gun ownership. 

So without further ado here is a well vanned international cock.

Ideally this vehicle would have been a dodge then the caption would have read "you couldn't dodge this one could you"

Oh well, till next time 


Sunday, 21 April 2013

From the Outskirts of the Favelas

A lesson in utilising space

The latest contribution to the blog comes from an avarice  cock hunter. We have also managed to get them to squeeze out a wee story to go with it. So in his fine words..............

(I) Discovered this red member outside the Missionary on Hopetoun Crescent. And what hope it brings.
I'm still not entirely sure if it's someone pontificating on their love of their own johnson, or inviting penile devotion from passing strangers. But who couldn't love such a specimen. Also proof that girth isn't everything. It certainly brightened up my afternoon.

Bravo sir bravo

Till next time COCK ON!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Someone has been BAD.

Not long in to the box are a couple of new examples of, what we believe to be, one of the oldest (and best)and most opportunistic examples of graffiti. And for these we have to welcome a new contributor to the blog; So welcome and thank you very much HV.

With all the controversy surrounding the king of cock....oops sorry pop, it is a little bit surprising that we haven't come across an example involving him before.

And we think enough time has passed to be able to erect this one onto the blog.

Nonce. LONDON.

And keen to get his second member into us as soon as possible he found another one at home in Edinburgh. In the same way that snow, dew and frost are great mediums for graffiti, so is the humble dusty window. This was found unbelievably close to the Headquarters of this operation.

I think there may be a couple to view here.


Now not to be outdone by the newbie we managed to capture a cock of our own. Found in Edinburgh's Bristo Square, the artist has gone the extra mile by adding a pair of legs for perspective. Bristo Square is at the heart of Edinburgh's historic and world renowned university and we are happy to know that the students can still find time for a bit of juvenile art.

And a nice salute to boot!

As always and until next time COCK ON!